apprenticeship as electronics engineer (m/f/d)

Electronics engineer – Automation technology

Suddenly everything is up and running, and all is working normally – And the layperson doesn’t really know why. Behind this fact is a vast amount of knowledge, lots of experience and last but not least, a good education. Electronics engineers have all this. They get the fans spinning and the pumps running. They are the specialists allowed to work on the components others must keep away from.

The occupation of electronics engineer is not for someone content to sit gathering dust at their desk. Rather, this occupation offers new challenges on a daily basis. Today you could be cabling a new office building, tomorrow getting machinery up and running again – This is not something for those who aren’t quick on the uptake. This occupation offers access to state of the art technology, varying types of physical work and interesting duties: From customer consultations and planning to installation and assembly. From commissioning and documentation to servicing and maintenance.


Electronics engineers for automation technology set up highly complex computer-controlled equipment. They ensure that the respective individual components form an overall system that works automatically. They therefore programme and test the systems, put them into operation and maintain them.

Electronics engineers for automation technology install sensors and actuators such as temperature sensors, pumps and valves. They programme programmable logic controllers (PLCs) and regulators. Bus systems are used to link individual components to form overall systems.

Electronics engineers for automation technology service, maintain and monitor the widest range of automation systems in industrial systems and building installations.



Good educational achievements, especially in the natural sciences/technical subjects; high degree of commitment and flexibility; willingness to undertake assembly work; tidy, clean appearance and polite manner; flair for manual work; team spirit


Please submit your application documents by email to: info(at)atkundmoti(dot)de


apprenticeship at ATK

what you can expect:

  • Apprenticeship in an interesting and promising occupation

  • Security and prospects in a growing, owner-managed business

  • Professional environment with extensive creative and development opportunities

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